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Heidelberg Walking Tours:
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Discover Heidelberg!

Discover Heidelberg!

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Guided E-Bike tour

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Tourguide für Stadtführungen in Heidelberg.

    Nice tours in Heidelberg.

    Welcome to NiceGuides – your tour guide for Heidelberg. In the charming city on the Neckar, unique sights, cozy corners and culinary highlights await you. Discover the Heidelberg Castle high above the city, the romantic Old Town or the Old Bridge – by walking tour, on the water or on a Segway. Find your guide quickly and easily for exactly what you really want to see and experience – the offer for Heidelberg is diverse. Choose your preferred topics, duration, language, date and even starting point in the app. If you want to experience something individual, you can also request tours according to your wishes.

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    Look forward to an unforgettable city tour through the enchanting university city. From the first step into the old town of Heidelberg you will be overwhelmed by its charm and beauty. The cozy alleys, the picturesque half-timbered houses and the cobblestone streets will take you back to times gone by, when famous poets, thinkers and scholars roamed the streets of Heidelberg. The stories and anecdotes your guide will share with you will captivate you and give you an insight into the rich cultural heritage of the Neckar city.

    Highlights of Heidelberg are undoubtedly the majestic sight of Heidelberg Castle, which towers high above the city, as well as the Old Bridge, which connects the old town with the district of Neuenheim across the Neckar River and reveals a magnificent view of the castle. For a different, but by no means worse perspective, the Philosophenweg, which runs along the slope of the Heiligenberg as a panoramic path and offers a wonderful view of the old town, the castle and the gentle blue of the Neckar. Of course, a visit to the Königstuhl, which offers a very special view, should not be missed. From Heidelberg’s local mountain, you can look out over the trees and Heidelberg far into the Rhine plain and as far as the mountains of the Palatinate Forest in the distance.

    Are you fascinated by architecture and special buildings? There are many interesting things to discover in Heidelberg. For example, let your guide take you to St. Peter’s Church, the oldest church in Heidelberg, and immerse yourself in the architecture of the late Gothic period. The Thing site on the Heiligenberg is also absolutely worth seeing. This cultural monument is an example of National Socialist architecture and an open-air stage built on the model of ancient Greek theaters.

    But a city tour in Heidelberg is not all history, architecture and views. This beautiful city on the Neckar River also offers a variety of charming cafes, restaurants and stores where you can enjoy local cuisine and culture. Let your guide lead you to the tantalizing aromas of regional specialties and immerse yourself in the vibrant life of the city.

    Would you like to experience an individual walking tour in Heidelberg? With NiceGuides you have the opportunity to go off the beaten path and discover hidden treasures of the city. Whether it’s historical sites, cultural highlights or culinary experiences, a local guide can give you insider tips and offer you a unique and authentic experience on a guided walking tour in Heidelberg. To do so, simply specify your interests, time constraints, number of participants and the specific location in Heidelberg where you would like to start your walking tour. After our guides have been notified of your request, you will have the opportunity to choose your favorite guide from all the guides who would like to provide you with a personalized experience. Experience a tailor-made walking tour with NiceGuides!

    You know your way around Heidelberg like the back of your hand and like to share your knowledge with other people? Become a NiceGuide! Simply register in the app and select your main topics. Show travelers on a city tour what fascinates you most and in which areas you are particularly knowledgeable. You can create your own individual tours for Heidelberg and design them according to your ideas and interests. Be creative and decide whether you want to offer historical sightseeing, culinary experiences, adventurous activities or something completely different – it’s up to you.

    You also have the option to receive requests for customized private tours in Heidelberg. Create unique and diverse experiences tailored to the individual desires of those interested. Whether they want to explore a special place or have specific interests – you can ensure an unforgettable city trip.

    Join our community of dedicated and professional guides and make Heidelberg a more exciting place with NiceGuides!

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