Ausblick vom Philosophenweg auf Heidelberg.
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From Old Town Hustle to Nature’s Embrace: Hiking on Philosopher‘s Way and Heiligenberg in Heidelberg

Explore the captivating blend of Heidelberg’s castle ruins, old town alleys, and the green riverbanks. Heidelberg offers more than just baroque façades and historical corners; it also has a paradise for nature enthusiasts waiting to be discovered.

Marvel and linger at Heidelberg’s vantage points

Urban life fascinates us with its stores, faces, and narratives, but it also overwhelms us. Heidelberg’s proximity to Heiligenberg and Königsstuhl makes it an ideal location for those who seek both urban excitement and a peaceful nature retreat. You’ll be amazed by the numerous viewpoints offering breathtaking sights of the old town and the castle, especially from the Neuenheim side.

From Heidelberg’s Old Town to Thingstätte

A few meters from the iconic Old Bridge landmark (#1), right at the corresponding bus stop on the Neuenheim side, the “Schlangenweg” (“snaketrail”) (#2) zigzags up to Philosopher’s Way (#3). While the climb is steep, the effort is rewarded with frequent benches to rest. For a gentler climb, head a few hundred meters upstream to Wehrsteg and take the Hirschgasse route (#4).

Upon reaching the top, the serene Eichendorff Garden (#5) is a perfect spot to relax. The mild temperatures during the spring are reflected in the unique vegetation: almond trees, cork oaks, and even loquats thrive along Philosopher’s Way.

Several thematic trails offer countless options to explore: such as the 120-km long Burgensteig, extending all the way to Darmstadt. For a more leisurely hike, follow the stone signs leading to the Thingstätte (#6).

The ascent passes Fuchsrondell (#7), an observation platform offering stunning views of the Rhine valley and even the outskirts of the Black Forest. From there, follow shaded forest paths to a welcoming beer garden named “Waldschenke” (#8) near the summit, before reaching Thingstätte.

Heidelberg’s Heiligenberg – from Celtic settlements to Thingstätte

Originally built for propaganda purposes during the Nazi era, Thingstätte is now a venue for concerts and theater performances. However, Heiligenberg’s history dates back to Celtic settlements and medieval monasteries whose ruins can still be explored. Ironically, the Neuenheim district is not the newest, but the oldest populated area in Heidelberg.

A visit to Heidelberg is incomplete without exploring Philosopher’s Way and Thingstätte. To delve deeper into these historical paths and landmarks, consider booking a hiking guide through NiceGuides.

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