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Tour of the Old University of Heidelberg – A journey through history

Heidelberg is renowned not only for historical landmarks like the castle and the Old Bridge – the entire cityscape is shaped by the prestigious university. Heidelberg is a true university town! The history of the university “Ruperto Carola” goes back to the earliest days of European universities, when it was founded in 1386 by Elector Ruprecht I, making it the oldest in all of Germany.

Heidelberg University – more than just a building

The university boasts around 30,000 students, which corresponds to around 20 percent of the total population. This impressive number of students is spread across 12 faculties and 14 special research areas, covering a broad spectrum of academic disciplines and research fields. From humanities and natural sciences to medicine and engineering, the university offers a diverse range of courses that reflect the wide range of interests and passions of students. The diversity of the departments is reflected in the diversity of the students who come from all over the world to learn, research and grow here. In this way, the university plays a key role in shaping the cityscape and the social and cultural life of the region.

Youthful atmosphere in Heidelberg

In fact, with an average age of just under 40, Heidelberg is often estimated to be the youngest city in Germany. This becomes apparent when strolling through the Old Town, where a large portion of the students spend their time. The university campus extends over various parts of the city of Heidelberg and offers an impressive variety of architectural styles.

While the natural sciences part of the New University is located on the northern side of the Neckar in Neuenheim, the Old University is characterized by the teaching of the humanities. And not just at the University Square, where the older and the currently used main buildings of the university are located, but everywhere! At first glance, many of the institutes of the various study programs look like the other residential buildings in the Old Town. In most cases, only a small sign at the entrance reveals that there are no apartments behind the baroque facade, but rooms for teaching and research.

Inspiring personalities at Heidelberg University

The buildings of Heidelberg University have been home to one or two people who have gone on to become famous: the philosopher Friedrich Hegel and the natural scientists Robert Bunsen and Hermann von Helmholtz, for example, taught here. Their teachings and discoveries not only enriched science and philosophy, but also shaped the intellectual heritage of the university. A total of 57 Nobel Prize winners have emerged from Heidelberg University – no wonder it is one of the few Universities of Excellence in Germany.

Explore the university on a tour

Discover Heidelberg! On a 1.5-hour tour, we take you on a journey through time and lead you to interesting and important places in the charming Old Town. Together we will explore the famous landmarks: Kornmarkt, Marktplatz, Heiliggeistkirche, Old Bridge, Jesuit Church, Student Prison and, of course, the Old University.

Our experienced NiceGuides will guide you through the historic buildings, tell you exciting stories and anecdotes from the past and give you an insight into student life in Heidelberg today. Not only will you find out more about the history of the university, but you will also learn interesting details about the city that you won’t find in any travel guide.

Interested? Join us on an unforgettable tour!

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