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A visit to the Christmas market in Heidelberg 2024

The romantic Heidelberg Christmas Market will take place again from 25 November to 22 December 2024. With its festively decorated wooden huts, it is one of the oldest and most popular Christmas markets in Germany. It stretches along various squares throughout the Old Town, so a visit to the Christmas market can also be wonderfully combined with the annual gift shopping in the pedestrian zone.

Heidelberg in festive splendour

In a pre-Christmas atmosphere, you can admire traditional crafts, savour regional delicacies and experience the festive mood at the Heidelberg Christmas Market. The beautifully illuminated castle, Christmas music and performances by choirs and music groups add to the festive atmosphere and allow you to immerse yourself in a peaceful pre-Christmas period. Set against a historic backdrop, the Heidelberg Christmas Market combines tradition, crafts and festive joy, attracting people from all over the world to Heidelberg.

Eating, drinking, bric-a-brac & ice skating in the most beautiful places in Heidelberg

You can grab your first mulled wine or punch in Heidelberg at Bismarckplatz or Anatomiegarten, which is just a short walk up the main street. The standardised cup deposit throughout the Christmas market allows you to stroll through the pedestrian zone with your hot drink and easily exchange your empty cup for a full one at the next stand.

The heart of the Christmas market is located on Universitätsplatz in Heidelberg with around 70 stalls. Here you will not only get your fill, but also pick up a few souvenirs.

A stone’s throw away is the market square, which impresses with a very special drinks stand: a giant wine barrel that you can climb up onto. If you like this, you should definitely visit the original at Heidelberg Castle: a historic barrel with a capacity of over 200,000 litres. Will there be as much wine flowing at the Heidelberg Christmas Market?

In any case, there is also plenty to drink on the Kornmarkt, the penultimate square in the pedestrian zone. Year after year, a lovely winter forest is set up here, which even stays up until the beginning of January. The attraction of the neighbouring Karlsplatz, the ice rink in the middle of Heidelberg’s Old Town, can also be visited until then. With a perfect view of Heidelberg Castle, you can skate a few laps here before heading back into the hustle and bustle.

The Christmas market in Heidelberg is open daily from 25 November to 22 December 2024 from 11 am to 9 pm (10 pm on Saturdays). If you don’t want to go home at the end and feel like partying, there are numerous venues in the old town not far away. Here we give you some tips!

Explore Heidelberg before the Christmas market

Would you like to explore the city in the morning? Then let a NiceGuide show you the most beautiful corners of Heidelberg’s Old Town on a tour before you go on a Christmas stroll. Not only will you discover the historical sights, but you’ll also get insider tips that you won’t find in any travel guide.

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