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Bars & Nightlife in Heidelberg

Heidelberg, the picturesque city on the Neckar River, is not only known for its renowned university and historic castle, but also for its lively nightlife. Because where there are many students, there is also extensive partying. For night owls, the city offers numerous entertaining party options – Heidelberg is full of cozy cafes and pubs and also hosts a club or two to party until the wee hours of the morning. Find out here where the people of Heidelberg party!

Untere Straße: legendary bars to party

Looking for a party in Heidelberg? The center of nightlife is definitely Untere Straße in the middle of Heidelberg’s old town. The narrow street runs parallel to the main street from the Heiliggeistkirche at the Marktplatz to the Heumarkt not far from the Universitätsplatz. When you walk through the street on a Friday or Saturday evening, you would hardly believe that the houses here are normally inhabited. Bar after bar is lined up here and the boisterous groups crowd around to party. If you don’t head out until later and head for one of the most popular locations in Heidelberg, you have to expect to stand in line at some point. These bars include the “Kaiser”, the “Betreutes Trinken” and the “Destille”. By the way, here you traditionally drink a “Gehängter” or a “Warmer Erpel” if you are visiting for the first time. Here we give you some recommendations for partying in the Untere Straße in Heidelberg:

  • Dancing is mainly done at the “Kaiser” (German Schlager) [1], in the “Destille” (Wild mix for singing along) [2], at “Betreutes Trinken” (Rock) [3] and in “Reichsapfel” (Hits) [4] or “Jinx” (R&B) [5]
  • If you still want to have a conversation, a Longdrink at “Lafé” [6] or a wine spritzer at “Hörnchen” [7] is a good choice.
  • Non-smokers will feel comfortable in “Mohr!” [8], in “Kaiser” [1], in “Lafé” [6], in “Eckstein” [9], and in “Reichsapfel” [10] – smoking is allowed in the other bars on Untere Straße.
  • There are special deals during the weekdays at “Eckstein” [9]. In “Mohr!” [8], women can enjoy a free Prosecco on Thursdays. Mels [10] also offers unbeatable deals on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Celebrating in Heidelberg: more than just Untere Straße

Away from Untere Straße, there are of course other locations where student nightlife is celebrated.

  • The legendary Maxbar [11] at the market square exudes French pub charm.
  • At “Orange” [12] and “Drug Store” [13], drinks are offered at unbeatable prices.
  • Passionate dart and table football is played at “Karl” [14].
  • At “Vater Rhein” [15], Spaghetti Bolognese and other snacks are available until late into the night.
  • Hit the dance floor at “Mels” [10] and “Cave” [16] – despite the relatively small size, the fun is never short here. There’s more space in the newly opened club “Toniq” [17] last year.

Heidelberg Old Town: bars for cocktail and beer lovers

Although the majority of the Old Town bar scene is very student-oriented, there are of course other options as well.

  • The “Bent Bar” [18] conjures drinks and cocktails at the highest level.
  • The “Dubliner” [19] offers everything to make the hearts of Irish Pub fans beat faster.
  • The “Regie” [20] offers countless cocktails – each inspired by a specific movie.

Whether you are a newcomer, an old hand or just a visitor – Heidelberg has the right nightlife and extraordinary activities for everyone. So, stroll through the narrow streets of Heidelberg’s old town, let yourself drift and enjoy the vibrant life of this beautiful city. With this in mind, have fun celebrating and cheers!

Out and about in Heidelberg during the day

Looking for exciting daytime activities? From sunset at Heidelberg Castle to a boat ride on the Neckar River to shopping in Europe’s longest pedestrian zone – we give you 10 tips for your time in Heidelberg. And if you want to take a guided tour, then book your guide now.

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