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Party in Heidelberg – away from the old town

If you want to go out in Heidelberg, you probably think of the Old Town first – there are many bars and smaller clubs in the immediate vicinity. But other corners of Heidelberg also offer great opportunities to enjoy the nightlife!

Good drinks and the perfect view of Heidelberg

At “Cenneto” in Pfaffengrund or Bahnstadt, you’ll find uncomplicated wines from the Palatinate region. Wine lovers will also be happy at “Rausch” in Weststadt. This bar, which is also a wine shop, offers a lovingly curated selection of naturally produced wines, as well as small dishes and evening meals.

A unique view of Heidelberg can be had from the rooftop terrace of “Jil”. Although it’s also a restaurant, you can relax here and sip cocktails – perfect for a stylish start or end to the evening. Just a few meters further, and not far from the central old town, are “Friedrich” and “Ginsburg”: first, have a few drinks in the cozy atmosphere of “Friedrich” and then dance next door at “Ginsburg”!

90s, techno & co

If you want to dance right away, we recommend the following locations:

The “Karlstorbahnhof” cultural center, which only recently moved to new premises in the south of Heidelberg, offers a diverse program for a hip nightlife: from concerts and club events to literary and theater events. It’s a great place to party to techno, hip-hop and more.

“halle02” in Bahnstadt also offers a wide variety of formats. There is always an event to celebrate at the weekend in this location, which is well-known beyond Heidelberg. In summer or during the Mini Christmas market, the parties are occasionally moved outside.

If you are looking for alternative clubs in Heidelberg, you should head to “Villa Nachttanz”. The actually inconspicuous house in the Pfaffengrund district transforms into a location for drum-n-base or techno parties at night.

Things only get more urban in the next larger cities of Mannheim or Frankfurt. Here, everyone can find the right bar or pub and the hippest clubs. Trains also run to Heidelberg at night – so nothing stands in the way of a wild night out!

The last drink

If you want to have a last drink after a long evening and the stores in Heidelberg are already closing, then you won’t be the only one staggering into “Goodfellas” in Weststadt. As soon as you visit the bar for the second time, there’s a good chance that you’ll be known by name. Cheers!

Going out in Heidelberg’s old town

The tips for going out away from Heidelberg’s Old Town appeal to you, but you’re still curious about what you can experience in the Old Town? No problem – In this blog post we have put together the best locations for “Untere Straße” and co.

The day after in Heidelberg

After the buzz is before the next exciting discovery! If you want to take it easy, it’s best to let one of our Heidelberg guides show you the city – and give you tips for the next evening in Heidelberg.

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