Panoramaaufnahme von Heidelberg bei Sonnenaufgang.
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Top 10 Things to See in Heidelberg, Germany

Enjoy the Sunset at the Heidelberg Castle in Germany

The castle ruins are the symbol of Heidelberg Palace: Explore the residence of the electors above the old town, including what’s probably the world’s largest wine barrel. Afterwards, take a seat on one of the many benches in the 24/7 open castle gardens and enjoy the sunset over the Rhine Valley and the Neckar River. Heidelberg Castle is one of the city’s most famous sights, but you can always find a nice place to sit. Grab a chilled beer from Brauhaus Vetter in a liter bottle, available at an affordable price, and your evening at the castle is set!

Take a Boat Trip on the Neckar RiverS

All you need for a relaxed afternoon is good weather and a boat. With several providers, you can explore the area around Heidelberg from the Neckar River, for instance, with ships from the Weisse Flotte (White Fleet), starting at the height of the old town.

Enjoy the View from Königstuhl

Standing at 568 meters, the Königstuhl is not only the highest point in Heidelberg, but on the Bergstrasse in Germany, and consequently offers arguably the most breathtaking view of the city in the area, making it one of the most popular sights. The so-called Himmelsleiter (Ladder to Heaven), a direct path to the peak, boasts a hefty 1600 steps and leads past Heidelberg Castle, so plan for a 1-1.5 hour trek. Alternatively, the historic Heidelberg Mountain Railway will get you there.

Savor Pfälzer Wines in Germany

When in Germany, especially Heidelberg, good wine is a must! The Pfalz region is just a stone’s throw away – but you can also enjoy these wines in Heidelberg’s restaurants and bars. Of course, we’ll be happy to give you the best tips on where to stop: For instance, the classic Weinstube Witter in the old town or the natural wine bar Rausch22 in the Weststadt.

Marvel the Architecture in Heidelberg’s Weststadt

Not only does the old town have a lot to offer – a detour to the Weststadt is also worth your while. Wander (ideally aimlessly) through this part of the city, and you’ll find yourself stopping repeatedly to admire the ornate, historicist facades of the Heidelberg’s Weststadt mansions.

Admire the Old Bridge at Night

The Old Bridge is bathed in warm light at night and is best viewed from the walkways along the Neckar River. For an even more romantic experience, head to the elevated Philosophenweg (Philosophers’ Path). And perhaps the Heidelberg Castle is illuminated too? Together with the Heidelberg Castle and the Philosophenweg, the Old Bridge in the old town is one of the classics among the sights that become the best insider tips at late hours.

Stroll Along Europe’s Longest Pedestrian Zone in Germany

Speaking of superlatives! The relatively compact old town boasts the longest (continuous) pedestrian zone in Europe. The Hauptstraße stretches for about 1.6 kilometers from Bismarckplatz to Karlstor. It’s hard to believe this used to be a street with tram and car traffic up to the 70s. Remember to glance into the numerous side alleys of Heidelberg from time to time, as they hide some retail gems.

Climb the Tower of Heiliggeistkirche

Who in the old town boasts the best rooftop terrace? Few know that you can climb the tower of the Heiliggeistkirche in the marketplace. For a small donation, you’ll have a unique view of the winding alleys and the occasional cozy rooftop terrace of the old town. One of the best insider tips among the sights!

Hike to Thingstätte and the Monastery

In the green hills surrounding the city of Heidelberg in Germany, other attractions await. A hike leads along the famous Philosophenweg from the old town and the Neckar River up to the Thingstätte (Thing site), which resembles an ancient theater, and to a monastery ruin that’s a delight not just for history enthusiasts.

Night Out in the Untere Straße

Nightlife in Heidelberg is mostly centered around the Untere Straße in the old town. One venue follows the next: It’s time for bar hopping! Heidelberg newcomers should traditionally order a “Gehängten” at the Destille. The Untere Straße is also a daytime must-visit. The first bars open their doors in the afternoon, but there’s also individual retail – from cashmere products to ceramics or fountain pens – that calls this place home.

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